Vanguard Debuts Dashboard Module for Business Intelligence Apps

Add-on intended to improve decision-making by providing strategic view of information through business dashboards

Add-on intended to improve decision-making by providing strategic view of information through business dashboards

Glen Ellyn, IL — February 2, 2006 — Business intelligence solutions provider Vanguard Solutions Group has debuted a new software module intended to beef up the value of Vanguard Graphical Performance Series (GPS) applications by providing a strategic view of information through business dashboards.

Designed for users who need to understand complex business conditions at a glance, the new Dashboard Plus module offers graphical presentations of key performance measures, trends and exceptions as well as integrated information from multiple business systems.

The module leverages the capabilities of Vanguard GPS to aggregate information from functional areas across the organization, including sales, finance and operations, presenting it in business dashboards. Users are able to drill down from the summarized displays into more detailed views or employ GPS analytical tools to examine information in more detail.

As a result, Vanguard said, users can more easily identify trends and problem areas and make better, more-informed decisions to improve organizational performance.

"Digestible" Information

"In today's fast-paced business environment, outdated or insufficient information can have an adverse affect on execution," said Anthony Balio, president of Vanguard. "Dashboard Plus presents valuable business information in a graphical format that is immediately digestible and comprehensible. In doing so, it provides employees at all levels with the insight needed to perform their jobs more effectively and contribute to the overall success of the organization."

Vanguard GPS is an enterprise business intelligence solution designed to help organizations to more easily measure, manage and improve performance. Supporting a range of business environments and user types, the solution delivers business intelligence, analytics and reporting without the need for a costly data warehouse, according to Vanguard.

Feature Set

GPS dynamically accesses data within enterprise applications, delivering it in integrated, business-focused information views, according to the solution provider. Dashboard Plus provides an interactive business dashboard interface that optimizes the display of this information, enabling companies to leverage and expand the value of their GPS solution, Vanguard said.

Dashboard Plus' capabilities include e-mail alerts that automatically notify relevant personnel when business conditions change or exceed predefined thresholds; security features that enable the automated delivery of personalized dashboards based on user security levels; and the automatic distribution of information to any level within the organization via Web pages or Microsoft Excel file updates.

In addition, the solution provides that ability to update information at any defined interval, enabling businesses to create dashboards ranging from quarterly strategic summaries to real-time views.

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