Demand Management Signs New Customers 05

59 companies added to roster for demand planning and supply chain forecasting firm

59 companies added to roster for demand planning and supply chain forecasting firm

St. Louis — February 6, 2006 — Demand Management Inc. said that 59 companies purchased Demand Solutions software and support in the last 12 months.

New customers include Chevron U.S.A. Inc., Hansen Beverage Co., Carole Hochman Design Group, Castrol China Ltd., Kentucky Derby Hosiery Inc. and Vector Manufacturing Ltd. Systems.

Demand Management added that it saw software license growth in 11 countries, with sales especially strong in the Southern Hemisphere.

Hansen Beverage Co., which has hundreds of retail and wholesale customers, said it selected Demand Solutions to streamline forecasting, production scheduling, inventory management and management reports. Hansen had experienced significant growth after introducing Monster energy drinks in 2002.

"We selected Demand Solutions because it was a comprehensive, user-friendly solution that would help improve forecasting accuracy, inventory management and operational visibility," said Tim Hayes, vice president of Operations, "Our IT department appreciated the ease of installation, the local support, and we are now better able to manage demand with production," Hayes said.

Mike Campbell, president of Demand Management Inc., attributes the sales to many factors, including an expanding base of brand giants in apparel and soft goods and growing interest in the sales and operations planning process.

"Many companies that purchased Demand Solutions in the last 12 months had a large, ineffective system that was standalone or part of a broader [enterprise resource planning (ERP)]," Campbell said. "Those systems either became too costly to support or simply failed to produce a reliable company forecast or demand plan. Demand Solutions is a resource for these companies. Our sales, implementation, training and global support can have operations back on track inside of three months."