FFF Enterprises Powers Drug Pedigree System

Nation's largest biopharmaceutical distributor develops first electronic drug pedigree system

Nation's largest biopharmaceutical distributor develops first electronic drug pedigree system

Temecula, CA, and Schaumburg, IL — February 7, 2006 — Intentia, an enterprise solutions provider for the manufacturing, distribution and maintenance industries, announced today that its Movex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software was a key component in the nation's first electronic pedigree system for biopharmaceuticals.

FFF Enterprises, an Intentia customer since 2001 and the nation's largest plasma products distributor, is enhancing its drug pedigree system to assure regulatory compliance and the effectiveness of its long-standing and unique supply channel model, Guaranteed Channel Integrity. The pedigree system uses the Movex ERP solution at FFF.

FFF's electronic pedigree system certifies the entire channel a medication has traveled from the manufacturer to the healthcare provider. Pedigrees will be required by Florida effective July 2006. Two other states have similar legislation ready to take effect and 23 more are in the process of considering similar laws. The goal is to cut down instances of drug tampering, counterfeiting and diversion.

"The concept of a drug pedigree is to provide a comprehensive record of where the product has been from manufacturer to healthcare provider, and FFF is completely committed to this effort," said Keith Sinclair, director of Logistics at FFF. "When we began to build this system, we realized that we needed to capture and retain within Movex a higher level of detail on product movement. Movex is very flexible and allowed us to enable greater traceability."

FFF, which began its channel integrity initiative while others were debating the need, only purchases biopharmaceuticals from the manufacturer and ships only to healthcare providers. Product safety is enhanced because no other distributors are involved in the flow.

"Clearly, FFF is leading the movement to safeguard the biopharmaceutical supply chain. We take great satisfaction that they have chosen Movex as a building block for enhanced channel integrity," said David Rode, president and CEO of Intentia Americas. "This is but one example of how Intentia partners with its customers for competitive advantage."