Fast-track Training for CompTIA RFID+ Certification at RFID World 2006

RFID4U offers one-day course at conference ahead of general availability of new certification

RFID4U offers one-day course at conference ahead of general availability of new certification

Sunnyvale, CA — February 21, 2006 — Training company RFID4U will offer "fast-track" training for CompTIA RFID+, a new professional certification developed by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) for radio frequency identification technologies, at the upcoming RFID World 2006 conference in Dallas, the company has announced.

RFID World 2006 covers a range of RFID technologies and markets and is designed to provide companies with strategies for deploying RFID and EPC solutions.

CompTIA RFID+ is a vendor-neutral certification of RFID technology skills targeted at the needs of RFID hardware/software manufacturers, value-added resellers, training developers and end-users of the technologies. Certification competencies were developed through RFID industry participation, and the exam was created by RFID industry subject matter experts from more than 30 RFID product vendors and solution providers.

The CompTIA RFID+ certification is scheduled for general availability on March 28, but RFID4U, a provider of RFID learning solutions, in partnership with Shorecliff Communications, producer of RFID World 2006, will offer fast-track training in the certification at RFID World 2006.

Prerequisites and Guarantees

"RFID is a complex and still evolving technology, and expertise is absolutely required for its usage to be a success," said David Sommer, vice president of electronic commerce at CompTIA. "The skill sets and 'need-to-knows' related to RFID are many and varied. The more experienced, trained and certified the RFID team, the better they will be able to overcome these obstacles."

"With the usual four days of material compressed into one jam-packed day of intense training, individuals can benefit from an efficiently delivered program in record-breaking time," said Sanjiv Dua, CEO of RFID4U. "This program is recommended for individuals with certain prerequisite skills. Participants in our fast-track training program should have a working knowledge of basic RF fundamentals, tags and various types, readers or interrogators and standards, as well as current RFID market awareness."

RFID4U is guaranteeing that participants in the fast-track program will obtain their CompTIA RFID+ certification. If for any reason training is completed without attaining certification, participants can attend future RFID4U training for up to one-year at no additional cost. Participants retain their courseware and would only need to pay for meals, test vouchers and travel costs if applicable.

Candidates can register online at the RFID World Web site,, or by calling 1-800-608-9641, for this one-day course. More information on this certification preparation training is also available at the RFID4U Web site.

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