Symbol Technologies Upgrades Service Agreement for Mobile Computers

"Service from the Start" contracts now include all repairs for entire device at no additional cost

"Service from the Start" contracts now include all repairs for entire device at no additional cost

Holtsville, NY — March 8, 2006 — Mobile computing products purchased from Symbol Technologies with "Service from the Start" contracts will now include all repairs for the entire device, including accidental damage to displays and keypads, at no additional cost, the solution provider has announced.

Symbol's coverage with "Service from the Start" is a three-year service agreement that includes a three-day turnaround for products sent to Symbol repair centers, Internet access to technical documentation and telephone access to support engineers.

According to Symbol, the service agreement simplifies the repair process by covering all repairs, including displays, keypads, plastics and internal components, thus reducing costs and delays for customers.

"Symbol is known for rugged and reliable products, which means predictability when the customer makes a technology investment," said Art O'Donnell, senior vice president and general manager of Symbol's Global Services Division and the company's chief quality officer. "By including comprehensive coverage with Service from the Start, Symbol is going one step further to protect the customer, so even the unexpected worst case scenario will not impact their bottom line. With Symbol Services, you're covered — period."

Coverage with "Service from the Start" is available today worldwide for the MC1000, MC3000 and MC9000 series of mobile computers, as well as the MC50 and MC70 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA).

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