New Unit for RFID from Independent Professional Management

Focused on asset management and supply chain solutions

Focused on asset management and supply chain solutions

Houston — March 30, 2006 — Independent Professional Management (IPM), a provider of supply chain and asset management software, announce this week the addition of a business unit solely committed to implementing radio frequency identification (RFID)-based solutions for their clients.

IPM commented that the new team of professionals' technology and business management experience in government and private industry will help deliver successful RFID implementations.

Sheila McIlnay, CEO, said that this new business unit is a key strategic development for IPM. "The addition of this group to the IPM roster emphasizes our ability to deliver the best, most efficient solutions for our clients," said. McIlnay. "Recent business reports demonstrate that RFID tools will be critical in providing solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of asset and supply chain management."

McIlnay continued, saying that the RFID solution is often mandated by significant end users such as Wal-Mart and the Department of Defense. Moreover, government regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley, FDA mandates and the Bioterrorism Act will make RFID-based solutions the compliance technology of choice," she commented.