Cott Corporation Deploying Transportation Management System

Soft drink supplier using TMS from Transplace to gain visibility it needs to effectively management transportation performance

Soft drink supplier using TMS from Transplace to gain visibility it needs to effectively management transportation performance

Plano, TX  April 5, 2006  Soft drink company Cott Corporation has selected to deploy a transportation management system (TMS) from Transplace in North America as the company seeks to gain the visibility it needs to effectively management its transportation performance.

Headquartered in Toronto, Cott is one of the world's largest retailer brand beverage suppliers, with principal markets in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico.

As part of the new agreement, Transplace will have transportation management responsibility, including freight payment services, for all Cott prepaid truckload and less-than-truckload shipments and will provide services and technology to arrange loading appointments at the plants for customer pickup shipments.

In addition to regular reporting on network performance, Transplace's technology will provide the opportunity to streamline customer service and administrative functions, according to the TMS provider.

"Transplace provides an opportunity to improve the efficiency of our entire transportation process," said Jeff Stites, vice president for Cott North American Supply Chain. "Utilizing the Transplace TMS will help us to improve service levels, achieve better truck utilization, build closer relationships with carriers and customer transportation teams and reduce transportation-related expenses."

Leveraging its established set of logistics management best practices, Transplace said it will also enact processes that monitor and measure transportation network delivery and performance to provide Cott with the visibility it needs to effectively manage transportation performance. The increasing trend of integrating Web-based transportation platforms, such as Transplace's, allows more shippers to collaborate on transportation planning and execution to achieve an optimal blend of outsourcing and technology, Transplace said.

"Cott is focused on improving its supply chain efficiencies, and Transplace is providing the appropriate blend of technology and management services to help meet those goals," said Tom Sanderson, Transplace's president and chief operating officer. "Particularly, we believe the Transplace solution will provide comprehensive services for all transportation needs and will help Cott achieve superior customer service at the lowest practical cost."

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