RFIDSupplyChain.com Offers Omron's "One Day" RFID Compliance Package

"Scalable" solution intended to help companies of all sizes rapidly meet customer compliance mandates

"Scalable" solution intended to help companies of all sizes rapidly meet customer compliance mandates

Chicago — April 20, 2006 — Radio frequency identification specialist RFIDSupplyChain.com has announced that it is currently the exclusive Web-based provider of the new "One Day" RFID Compliance Package from technology provider Omron.

"This 'One Day' RFID Compliance solution from Omron allows companies to become instantly compliant with any Department of Defense or retail mandate, such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Target," said RFIDSupplyChain.com's Karen Radde. "As a 100 percent plug-and-play kit, this package will give our customers another option for RFID compliance."

In addition, RFIDSupplyChain.com said that the Omron "One Day" RFID Compliance Package is scaleable, allowing companies with high and low volumes alike to not only quickly implement this solution but also add devices as their situation requires.

The pre-engineered RFID compliance package comes with an Omron RFID V740 reader/writer, antenna with mounting stand, cables, tags, RFID printer (choice of Printronix or Zebra), an indicator "stack" light, miscellaneous hardware and epcSolutions middleware. For a limited time, it also includes 10,000 free labels.

"Customers looking for an RFID compliance solution will be excited to know that this package also comes complete with training, professional set-up services, support and free firmware upgrades for one year," added Radde. "This allows our customers' RFID compliance deployment to be as simple and easy as possible."

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