Alien Technology, Unisys Ally to Offer RFID Solutions

Link infrastructure and services to help customers accelerate deployment of radio frequency solutions

Link infrastructure and services to help customers accelerate deployment of radio frequency solutions

Morgan Hill, CA — May 1, 2006 — Alien Technology Corporation has inked an agreement with Unisys Corporation to offer radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, products and services designed to increase supply chain visibility, security and efficiency.

The joint marketing and reseller agreement combines Alien RFID readers, tags and professional services with Unisys infrastructure and server technologies and consulting and integration services. The alliance also will leverage the RFID Solutions Center Dayton, a division of Alien Technology, for the implementation of mutual solutions.

"Alien and Unisys are collaborating to provide the infrastructure and services required to accelerate the deployment of high-value RFID worldwide," said Peter Regen, vice president for global visible commerce at Unisys Corporation. "This agreement strengthens Unisys capabilities to offer high-value RFID solutions in real-world settings and allows our customers to realize the benefits of secure business operations."

Alien equipment is installed at Unisys solutions centers on four continents. In addition, Unisys is a sponsor of Alien's RFID Solutions Center Dayton.

Under the companies' agreement, Unisys will sell Alien products and services worldwide as part of supply chain visibility solutions for retail, transportation, defense, consumer packaged goods, healthcare and other key industries. Applications will include in-production, in-transport and in-store visibility; brand and consumer protection; secure commerce; and asset tracking and management.

Alien products covered by the agreement include Alien's RFID tags and the recently launched Gen2 EPCglobal-compliant Alien ALR-9800 Enterprise Reader. Also included is Alien's battery-assisted passive (BAP) hardware for cold chain management applications.

Unisys said it will offer its customers the educational services of the Alien RFID Academy, as well as the ability to take advantage of the consulting, implementation and testing resources of the RFID Solutions Center Dayton.

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