Alien, Vue Technology Ally to Offer Shelf- And Item-level RFID Solutions

Radio frequency readers combined with software platform to enable visibility in supply chain, logistics and asset tracking

Radio frequency readers combined with software platform to enable visibility in supply chain, logistics and asset tracking

Morgan Hill, CA  May 5, 2006  Enablers Alien Technology and Vue Technology are allying to combine their radio frequency identification offerings in order to deliver shelf- and item-level RFID solutions.

The joint offering, targeted at multiple industries, combines Alien's ALR-9800 Enterprise RFID readers with Vue's TrueVUE RFID platform with an eye toward providing visibility into inventory levels, location and authenticity to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and security of supply chain, logistics and asset tracking operations.

"One of the most promising RFID applications, there can be significant ROI gained from leveraging RFID for item level visibility in such areas as apparel and commodities tracking, pharmaceutical and prescriptions tracking, brand authentication and theft protection," said Keith MacDonald, senior vice president of sales at Alien. "Vue Technology offers the scalability, maintainability and cost effectiveness for large scale RFID implementations that can unlock the potential of item-level RFID in the retail space and beyond."

Vue said that its TrueVUE RFID platform supports end-to-end item level RFID, offering manufacturers, retailers and other organizations the potential to streamline the tracking of individual items throughout the supply chain. Alien Technology will combine Vue's RF Networking technology and EPC management software with Alien's own Enterprise RFID readers.

The item-level RFID solutions can expand the reach of RFID from traditional pallet- and case-level distribution applications that focus on broad supply chain visibility to item-level applications that focus on achieving visibility and control at a granular level throughout a supply chain, according to the two solution providers.

Alien said it would demonstrate the TrueVUE RFID platform with the ALR-9800 Enterprise reader at the newly opened RFID Solutions Center Dayton, a 23,000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to RFID research. The RFID Solutions Center is a division of Alien.

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