Siemens Tackles APQP

Automotive unit taps new SupplyOn solution for Advanced Product Quality Planning

Automotive unit taps new SupplyOn solution for Advanced Product Quality Planning

Hallbergmoos, Germany — March 1, 2005 — Siemens VDO Automotive has signed up to use a new solution for quality planning from software company SupplyOn that allows development projects with suppliers to be planned in a structured manner and transacted transparently.

SupplyOn's Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) solution gives each project participant access to all current project data, allowing potential project delays to be identified at the outset and, hopefully, averted, helping to reduce costs and increase the competitive strength of all companies involved in a given project.

Siemens VDO Automotive is the first corporation to opt for SupplyOn APQP in its collaborative project management. Martin Illing, APQP project manager at Siemens VDO, said that the solution enables the company to design project planning in an optimal manner and standardize communication between development partners and his company.

"With automated schedule monitoring and escalation steps on both sides, administrative work declines," Illing said. "In this way, team members can concentrate on professional issues. This increases the quality of our development processes and generates competitive advantages for us and our partners."

Projects can be created with SupplyOn APQP based on the available data and material. Subtasks are assigned to the individual responsible in-house and external project members. The course of the project can be tracked and monitored at all times by way of status reports. "Traffic light" functions are in place that immediately visualize arising problems or overrun deadlines and initiate messages "alerts."

SupplyOn APQP is the second application that SupplyOn has launched in the quality management area. Last year the provider introduced its Performance Monitor solution, a tool for the communication of supplier rating data relating to quality and delivery reliability.

The solution provider said it would round out its quality management portfolio at the beginning of 2006 with the introduction of its Problem Solver for the solution of problems arising between customers and suppliers.

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