The Library of America Partners with Communications Data Services for CRM Solutions

CDS SMART system provides 10 to 17 percent acceptance rate on upsell offers for non-profit book publisher

CDS SMART system provides 10 to 17 percent acceptance rate on upsell offers for non-profit book publisher

Des Moines, IO — March 8, 2005 — Communications Data Services Inc. (CDS), a subsidiary of The Hearst Corp. and a provider of outsourced fulfillment business process solutions, said that The Library of America has successfully implemented its SMART Customer Service System to increase sales, reduce operational costs and improve customer service.

SMART turns a client cost center into a revenue generator by providing opportunities for customer service representatives to offer personalized up-sells and cross-sells over the telephone. The software utilizes customer-specific historical data in real time to provide agents with an offer that the customer is most likely to accept. The system also increases its knowledge every time an offer is made, tracking its acceptance and the caller demographics linked to it.

"CDS has been a tremendous partner, and we are very pleased with the results of the SMART System," stated David Cloyce Smith, Marketing director for The Library of America. "Incredibly, since implementation we have consistently reached acceptance rates between 10 and 17 percent on our offers, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty."

The Library of America approached CDS with several needs, including the desire to deplete excess inventory and create additional revenue, the ability to target niche audiences for special promotions without the high costs associated with direct mail, and the need for a cost-effective way to test new promotional offers with a quicker speed to market than traditional avenues. With the SMART System, The Library of America said it has achieved all three.

The SMART Customer Service System is part of CDS' Business Solutions division, which brings together the services provided by CDS' Data Capture and Product Fulfillment groups including: order and information capture, imaging and data management, letter shop printing, mailing and product fulfillment.