SYSPRO Publishes Book on Inventory Optimization

Tome seeks to educate professionals about inventory optimization in the context of modern supply chain practices

Tome seeks to educate professionals about inventory optimization in the context of modern supply chain practices

Chicago — March 9, 2005 — SYSPRO, a producer of enterprise software, said the company is using the occasion of the National Manufacturing Week Show in Chicago to launch its just published book on inventory optimization.

Supply Chain, Inventory Management and Optimization — Skills for Small Businesses, authored by technical author and information architect Sean Wheller, is an introduction to inventory optimization and directed at individuals who need insight into the tenets of supply chain, inventory management and optimization in order to make more informed inventory related decisions.

SYSPRO said that when it decided to develop an inventory optimization solution for the company's Enterprise Application Suite, it became apparent that many persons using the system would not be experts in this specialized field. Therefore, the company decided to publish a book that would explain the aspects of inventory optimization and place it in the context of modern supply chain practices in an easy-to-comprehend manner.

The book is divided into five parts, each focusing on a different dimension of inventory control. The first part is an introduction to supply chains, inventory management and inventory optimization. The segment provides the foundation for the remaining parts of the book.

The following segment provides an in-depth look at the supply chain, taking a high-level look at how inventory moves from manufacturers through to end customers, and the decisions a business must make in order to shape a beneficial supply chain.

The next part focuses on inventory management and is concerned with the practices a business should have in place in order to control inventory efficiently.

The remainder of the book discusses inventory optimization and the technology necessary to implement an electronic collaborative supply chain to maximize the ways in which trading partners can cooperate.

According to SYSPRO, inventory optimization for manufacturers and distributors is a vital part of achieving a lean environment where the focus shifts from individual supply chain elements to a holistic approach that emphasizes throughput of the entire supply chain. The objectives are to lower inventory carrying costs, maximize inventory turns and enhance customer service through rapid order fulfillment.