Providing Role-based Views of Supply Chain Data

New solution from Adexa lets individuals configure supply chain apps' interfaces

New solution from Adexa lets individuals configure supply chain apps' interfaces

Los Angeles, CA — March 14, 2005 — Supply chain solution provider Adexa has released a new graphical user interface (GUI) service for supply chain and complex business applications, allowing individuals to configure the views of information to best suit their roles and business processes.

The new Vista solution is intended to lower the cost of ownership and deliver faster return on investment from supply chain applications by helping users increase their individual speed and efficiency, allowing the enterprise to obtain greater performance benefits and faster return on investment (ROI) from complex applications, Adexa said.

"ROI projections are based on the assumption that, once implemented, technology applications will be utilized, but that is not always the case," said Cyrus Hadavi, Adexa's president and CEO. "Complex user interfaces can delay adoption which leads to missed performance and financial targets. No amount of SEC-ordered financial compensation from technology vendors can make up for the damage to your reputation caused by missed promise dates and earnings targets."

Hadavi said that Vista can help shorten the lag-time between deployment and adoption by enabling users to adapt an application's GUI to the way they do their jobs, rather than forcing them to learn new techniques and business processes. "This leads to immediate operational performance improvements, faster ROI and lower TCO," Hadavi asserted. "The aggregate value of the Vista service is its impact on profitability and earnings."

Oftentimes custom configuration of rich technology applications is impractical because outside system integrators, consultants or IT professionals need to be contracted for expensive service engagements. With Vista, no programming expertise is required to modify the user interface, Adexa said. Instead, a graphical workbench tool is used to change XML configuration files and create customized, role-specific views of information with tables, charts, graphs, OLAP cubes and forms. "There is no tradeoff between application functionality and ease of use," Adexa said in announcing the new solution.

Adexa said that Vista simplifies the use of the solution provider's applications for modeling and planning an enterprise supply chain, but Vista works with all J2EE based systems that support 1.4 and above, including IBM-Websphere, BEA-Weblogic, SAP NetWeaver and open source products.
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