Del Monte Foods Standardizes Business Intelligence

Selects Cognos solution for enterprise-wide BI in bid to drive efficiencies across merged company

Selects Cognos solution for enterprise-wide BI in bid to drive efficiencies across merged company

Burlington, MA — March 21, 2005 — Del Monte Foods is standardizing on an enterprise business intelligence (EBI) solution from Cognos in a bid to drive greater operational efficiencies across the diverse company that recently went through a major merger.

With nearly 3,500 products and 33 brands, Del Monte Foods is one of the largest producers of branded and private label food and pet products in the United States. After Del Monte merged with several of Heinz' U.S. businesses in late 2002, management set out to find an enterprise BI solution that could provide the company with multi-dimensional trends analysis and reporting to help reduce costs, increase profit margins and enable timely, informative decision-making. Standardizing on a single BI platform was also critical to ensure data and reporting consistency across the newly formed enterprise.

After a rigorous evaluation that extended beyond assessing vendor technologies, Del Monte selected Cognos to lead the company's enterprise business intelligence strategy (EBIS). Using the Cognos Enterprise BI series for data analysis, "at-a-glance" visualization of key performance metrics, and business and production reporting, Del Monte executives will be able to gain visibility into relevant corporate information, drill into their data to uncover factors that are affecting performance and then adjust accordingly, the solution provider said.

For instance, Cognos will underpin the company's customer and partner supply chain, analyzing performance to optimize forecast collaboration, better track fulfillment, or "fill rates," and improve operational efficiency. Cognos will also be used by sales and marketing to ensure a more effective utilization of trade funds with retailers to drive incremental consumption.

"Integrating and managing these businesses requires more than just a technical business intelligence solution; it requires a strategy, methodology and symbiotic relationship with a BI provider who understands our business, and is willing to work in step with us to simplify organization-wide processes and execute against our business goals," said Andy Wojewodka, director of business systems and decision support at Del Monte Foods. "Cognos gives us a BI solution that couples the highest degree of analysis necessary for effective performance management, with the ease-of-use that allows every user to actively participate in the decision-making process. Information will now be leveraged in a more meaningful way to help drive growth."

"Success in this market is predicated on developing a strong understanding of the consumer, their needs, spending habits, reactions to market influencers and other factors," said Paul Hoy, director of manufacturing industry solutions at Cognos. "This deep level of insight is not possible without relevant technologies, such as business intelligence, that can give executives transparent visibility of the corporate data they need to make the right decisions."