Guardian Angel Homes Tends to Workforce Management

Assisted living care provider protects against unwanted labor costs with Web-based system

Assisted living care provider protects against unwanted labor costs with Web-based system

Scottsdale, AZ — March 28, 2005 — Guardian Angel Homes, an assisted living community that provides care to full-time residents in Washington and Idaho, said it has gained operational control over its labor management process by implementing a Time America workforce management solution.

In early 2004, Guardian Angel Homes began searching for an automated labor management system that could track real-time data for the amount of labor hours being spent at its facilities. High labor costs were a part of Guardian's business model of providing superior services, and the company wanted insight as to how and where labor dollars were being spent in order to proactively modify labor management practices where needed.

Moving from a combination of magnetic card swipes and manual bookkeeping, Guardian Angel Homes chose to implement NETtime, a Web-based labor management solution from Time America, to streamline processes such as employee time tracking, auditing and reporting.

Using NETtime, Guardian Angel Homes' employees clock in and out on personal computers and have on-demand access to check their status in regard to sick days, overtime and benefit accruals. Management has access to real-time labor information, allowing them to produce more valuable productivity reports.

Tyson Frantz, IT operations director, Guardian Angel Homes, explained: "With our former system, it was nearly impossible to pull data on labor hours being spent at the facilities in a timely fashion. We usually had to wait several weeks to reconcile accounting and correct non-budgeted overtime. This led to difficulties with operational effectiveness."

With NETtime, the company's managers now address inquiries with the click of a button and no longer need to manually resolve inquiries about paycheck discrepancies against hours worked, sick time or paid vacation logs.

Frantz noted that NETtime has taken a burden off Guardian Angel Homes' management by enabling them to address and correct issues as soon as they occur. "All upper management loves it because they can pull real-time labor reports."