Managing Reverse Logistics at Seagate Technology

Hard disc drive manufacturer taps eBoomerang to solution to streamline global product returns process

Hard disc drive manufacturer taps eBoomerang to solution to streamline global product returns process

San Jose, CA — March 31, 2005 — Hard disc drive manufacturer Seagate Technology will use a solution from eBoomerang, a provider of enterprise returns management ("ERM") software, to control its global reverse logistics system.

Seagate will use eBoomerang's Returns Manager solution to manage and monitor all aspects of its product returns process. eBoomerang said its solution enables companies to streamline the product returns process and provide visibility into product profitability, necessary to be effective in dealing with real-time changing corporate policies and procedures.

"Knowing we were on pace to ship almost 100 million disc drives per year, it was critical for Seagate to find a flexible solution that can adapt to the changing business policies of our broad product line," said Charles Pope, chief financial officer of Seagate. "After extensive research, eBoomerang was chosen as a partner because they offer a complete solution to efficiently facilitate product returns."

eBoomerang said its suite of modular products enables companies to minimize the costs associated with product returns and in turn opens new revenue opportunities, while maximizing the value to its customers. "The Returns Manager solution radically changes the perspective of product returns, from a financial drain to a revenue-generating strategic differentiator," the solution provider said in announcing the deal with Seagate.

According to industry experts at Gartner, the process of handling returns is rapidly becoming a $150 billion dollar issue in the U.S. market alone and affects all facets of businesses worldwide.

"We are very excited to be working with Seagate on such a comprehensive system," said Murray Cook, CEO of eBoomerang. "Seagate's multifaceted requirements give us the opportunity to deploy our unique technology in an environment that sets the standard for best-in-class returns processing."