"Have It Your Way" RFID Solutions from Catalyst

Supply chain execution specialist offers bundled solutions to help companies comply with radio frequency ID mandates

Supply chain execution specialist offers bundled solutions to help companies comply with radio frequency ID mandates

Milwaukee, WI — April 11, 2005 — Catalyst International, a provider of supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, has introduced a line of scalable RFID QuickStart kits intended to enable users to quickly comply with radio frequency identification (RFID) standards mandated by major retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense.

The new kits, which include bundled software, hardware and implementation services, let customers implement RFID according to their specific needs, budget and timetable, Catalyst said.

Available at varying price ranges starting as low as $35,000, they are preconfigured to meet RFID compliance mandates in different markets, including Europe, and in different supply chain environments (i.e., SAP or best-of-breed). The kits can be installed by customers or fully implemented by Catalyst.

Three Flavors

The three basic Catalyst RFID QuickStart kit offerings are:

  • RFIDComply, a preconfigured solution that can be installed in less than eight hours, according to Catalyst; it includes RFID device management software, a database license, a RFID reader, a RFID printer and other software, supplies and documentation to get up and running.

  • RFIDConfigure, includes the standard RFIDComply kit, plus 20 additional days of bundled services (assessment, planning, system design, transaction mapping, deployment) and up to three days of case and pallet testing.

  • RFIDComplete, the standard RFIDComply kit with 45 days of bundled services, three days of case and pallet testing, and a guarantee of meeting pertinent RFID standards.
"Have It Your Way" Approach

"Our tiered suite of RFID QuickStart kit packages is a natural extension of our 'Best for Business' strategy that lets customer needs, not technology, determine the right solution," said Jim Treleaven, president and CEO of Catalyst. "This 'have it your way' approach gives customers optimal flexibility, and we help them make the right choices."

The solution provider said that its customers can tailor their RFID compliance solutions by taking advantage of Catalyst's design, product testing, implementation and maintenance/support services, or by purchasing items such as RFID shipping/validation portals, EPC passive RFID readers or RFID printers/encoders. For example, Catalyst customers can utilize the new Star Alliance Center for RFID, one of the country's largest, full-scale operations for compliance product testing.

"Our new RFID compliance kits can take a company to the performance level it needs to reach, whether it's having basic RFID functionality or fully integrating this technology into its supply chain operations or ERP environment," said Larry Cinpinski, vice president of emerging business for Catalyst. "With the Star Alliance Center for RFID and Catalyst support services, we can help companies go 'beyond compliance' and achieve additional benefits in customer service and operational efficiency."

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