Gaining Control over Contracts at DIRECTV

Entertainment company taps diCarta solution to ensure compliance

Entertainment company taps diCarta solution to ensure compliance

San Carlos, CA — May 6, 2005 — Satellite television company DIRECTV Operations has tapped a solution from diCarta to streamline contracting processes and ensure compliance across all the company's domestic programming agreements.

DIRECTV is a provider of digital television entertainment, with more than 13.9 million subscribers and revenues exceeding $10 billion annually. The company is set to use the diCarta Contracts solution to create and negotiate programming agreements and manage programmer compliance, particularly in areas such as penetration commitments and "most favored nation" pricing.

The solution provider said that Contracts spans every stage of the contract life cycle, from contract creation and negotiation, to obligations management and compliance enforcement, through ongoing analysis and improvement.

"DIRECTV's evaluation team unanimously preferred the diCarta solution over other solutions," said John Powers, vice president of IT development at DIRECTV. "diCarta Contracts gives DIRECTV the ability to improve the effectiveness of our contracting operations by helping us create stronger agreements, reduce contract cycle times, and increase compliance."

Streamlining Contract Processes

diCarta said that companies can use Contracts to gain control over contracts and contract management processes, increase visibility into contractual obligations and more effectively manage the terms of their agreements. Results can include increased profitability, reduced legal and financial risk and lower costs, according to diCarta.

In the future, DIRECTV may leverage the diCarta Contract Integration Server to integrate diCarta Contracts with its SAP implementation to drive contract compliance across its financial systems.

"Contracts have been locked away in filing cabinets for too long," said Mike Kaul, CEO of diCarta. "diCarta Contracts helps companies and their business partners conduct day-to-day operations in compliance with their agreements. This has a direct impact on a company's bottom line."

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