New Version of Transportation Execution Solution from Mobitrac

On-demand software adds real-time predictive modeling, analytics

On-demand software adds real-time predictive modeling, analytics

Chicago — May 13, 2005 — Mobitrac Inc., a provider of transportation execution systems, has released Mobitrac 2.0, its flagship software solution. The company said version 2.0 adds real-time predictive modeling and analytic capabilities that expand the scope of transportation execution from real-time visibility to management and visibility of future fleet performance.

Mobitrac's 1.0 platform provides real-time data capture and adaptation of profitable route plans with recalculated estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) and stop sequences. Now, based on real-world deployments at transportation firms, Mobitrac 2.0 is offering new capabilities for fleet managers to give them greater control and visibility of profit-based fleet planning and execution.

For example, the solution now has predictive capabilities and real-time analytics, so that fleet managers can know the exact future locations and financial performance of their fleet at any point in time throughout the day.

Additionally, using Mobitrac's modeling engine, fleet managers can perform "what-if" simulations and predict the future outcomes based upon various business scenarios.

"We have benefited significantly from the deployment and real-world performance of our Mobitrac 1.0," said Mike Liddell, CEO Mobitrac. "We listened closely to our customers to develop the enhancements in Mobitrac 2.0. We will continue to work closely with our customer base to ensure we're enabling better fleet performance and profitability, and that our customers continue to keep more than a step ahead of their competition."

Mobitrac said it uses an on-demand subscription-based model that is hosted and can be deployed into its customer environments with minimal impact on current business processes, IT resources or current infrastructure. The company also provides a free opportunity assessment where a potential customer's data can be fed into the system to obtain a detailed analysis of available productivity gains.

"On-demand transportation solutions are rapidly being accepted by logistics professionals," said Beth Enslow, vice president of enterprise research at Aberdeen Group. "Aberdeen benchmark research shows that 40 percent of logistics directors now consider hosted or on-demand models for routing and other transportation software. On-demand models minimize IT requirements and lower the overall project risk."