Boosting On-time Delivery at Stephenson's Rental Services

Canadian equipment company deploys "on demand" solution from Cube Route to track fleet in real time, boost productivity

Canadian equipment company deploys "on demand" solution from Cube Route to track fleet in real time, boost productivity

Toronto — June 28, 2005 — Canadian equipment company Stephenson's Rental Services is using an "on-demand" logistics service from Cube Route to track and monitor its fleet of delivery vehicles in real time, helping to boost on-time delivery by 15 percent.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ont., Stephenson's is a privately owned company that has been in the rental business for 51 years. The company provides builders as well as general and commercial contractors with access to tools and heavy industrial equipment on a same-day rental basis.

With no visibility into its delivery operations, dispatchers had no way of knowing where in the delivery cycle its trucks were, or how long it would take to get back to one of the company's three central hubs to make the next drop. In certain instances, Stephenson's had to outsource deliveries to different trucking and towing companies to keep its schedules on track and customers happy.

Frustrated with lower than expected on-time delivery percentages and the manual processes being used to manage deliveries on orders received from across its 21-store network, Stephenson's turned to Cube Route.

Real-time Tracking

The solution provider's Visibility and Routing Service provides a way to track and monitor delivery fleets in real time. This on-demand logistics service combines planning and tracking functionality with a Web-based service to provide dispatchers, managers and support agents with a real time view of driver movement and order status across a fleet of vehicles.

By using the Visibility and Routing Service offered by Cube Route on a pay-as-you-go, subscription basis, Stephenson's has seen a 15 percent improvement in on time delivery, enabling the company to deliver equipment as and when it is needed to contractors that require equipment within very narrow time windows. The Cube Route service has also provided Stephenson's with cost savings due to a 15 percent improvement in productivity and 20 percent reduction in outsourced delivery costs.

"Stephenson's has unique delivery requirements in that we not only deliver equipment on demand to our clients, but we also pick up once the work has been done," explained Tom Newell, vice president of operations at Stephenson's. "Cube Route allows us to be even better at what we do, enabling us to use narrow delivery windows to secure customers that our competitors cannot."

The Web-based solution from Cube Route allowed Stephenson's to get up and running within a week and to see results immediately, according to Newell.

"To maintain a competitive edge, Stephenson's has to be able to immediately respond to customer needs," said Jeff Murphy, chief operating officer at Cube Route. "Their service mandate is to have rental products dispatched and delivered within hours of taking an order at a store location. With Cube Route, Stephenson's is setting the standard for 'on time' delivery performance and achieving significant gains in productivity via engineered plans and real time performance measurements."

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