Symbol Launches Speech-Recognition Solution for Warehouse Environments

Flagship MC9000 series now offers hands-free, voice-directed functionality for distribution center activities

Flagship MC9000 series now offers hands-free, voice-directed functionality for distribution center activities

Holtsville, NY — August 3, 2005 — Solution provider Symbol Technologies has introduced new speech-recognition enabled versions of its MC9000 series of mobile computers, designed for warehouse and distribution customers that require hands-free operation for speech-recognition and voice-prompted applications.

The Symbol MC9060 with speech-recognition combines Symbol's ruggedized hardware with partner software and accessories with the goal of offering increased productivity in such industrial applications as distribution center order picking, receiving, replenishment, loading, maintenance, repair, package sorting and handling, returns processing and inspection.

The new speech-recognition solution offers customers a multi-function device to support multiple data capture functions, including voice-recognition, barcode scanning, imaging and keyboard input, providing flexibility to use whichever data capture technology is most efficient to perform the task at hand, Symbol said.

Operating Faster, More Accurately

"Symbol's new voice-directed MC9060 mobile computing solution enables customers in warehouse environments to operate faster and more accurately by eliminating the need to manually enter data or read instructions," said Chester "Chet" Pribonic, vice president and general manager of mobile computing for Symbol Technologies.

According to Symbol, warehouse workers using the new solution will benefit from increased mobility as they move from task to task, listening to instructions through a headset and communicating verbally with an existing enterprise resource planning system (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS) over a wireless network.

Connection via the ERP or WMS also provides real-time views into speech-directed application data and operator activities for data reconciliation, updating and management, Symbol said. The solution provider also said that using standard Symbol devices could reduce the total-cost-of-ownership for voice-directed solutions by enabling multiple workers to share a single device.

The MC9060 with speech-recognition technology is currently available to order from Symbol partners including IBM Corporation, Lucas Systems, MCL Technologies, Systems Application Engineering (SAE) and Voxware. Symbol's Global Services Division offers a suite of services to meet the specific needs of the MC9060 mobile computer.

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