DHL Debuts International Trade Center to Help U.S. Customers Go Global

Online reference center brings together international shipping information

Online reference center brings together international shipping information

Plantation, FL — August 19, 2005 — Delivery company DHL has launched an online International Trade Center intended to help enable and simplify the international shipping process for customers by offering up-to-date information on customs rules and regulations, online applications to facilitate international trade, and information tailored to suit the international shipping needs of U.S. customers.

In anticipation of new U.S. Department of Commerce regulations to be finalized later this year, the DHL International Trade Center features information about the upcoming changes and a preview of DHL's new Electronic Export Filer application, available next month, which will assist customers by automating customs documentation processes.

Additional features of the DHL International Trade Center include Trade Automation Services (TAS), which offers customs and trade information to assist customers with the preparation and management of international shipments, including a library of customs and trade documentation for more than 45 countries, an interactive search of product classification codes, and a glossary of international trade terms.

Elsewhere, the center features information about DHL Import Express, a door-to-door service for expediting imports to the United States and between third countries. DHL said that Import Express enables customers to send or receive documents and packages of any size, weight or value to and from over 210 countries, helping to simplify importation processes.

Finally, the center provides information about trade lane-specific DHL services and solutions designed for customers importing high volumes from major U.S. trading partners such as China and Mexico. Customers can learn more about DHL's suite of international shipping services, including DHL Same Day Service, DHL Worldwide Priority Express and DHL International Document Service.

"DHL delivers to over 120,000 destinations in more than 220 countries and territories every day, and understands the complexities of international shipping and constantly changing import and export regulations around the world," said John Pearson, executive vice president, commercial, for DHL.

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