Dollar General Selects Change Management Solution

Software to support back and front-end apps, ensure repeatable processes across development life cycle

Software to support back and front-end apps, ensure repeatable processes across development life cycle

San Mateo, CA — January 5, 2004 — The discount retailer Dollar General announced today that it has selected enterprise change management (ECM) software supplier Serena to provide a change management solution across its multi-tier, cross-platform development environment.

Dollar General, with 6,709 neighborhood stores in 27 states as of November 2003, said it is implementing Serena ChangeMan DS, a software change manager for distributed systems, which it said would support all of the company's back and front-end applications, including those that automate critical B2B Web transactions.

"Every aspect of our business operates in real-time, which requires that our systems and software do the same without any glitches," said George Climer, director of Technical Services at Dollar General. "Serena ChangeMan DS is equipped to handle the numerous projects and changes that come in on a typical day."

Prior to purchasing Serena ChangeMan DS, Dollar General said it was using an in-house system for change management. As the needs of its IT department evolved, the retailer determined that a solution with a central repository to manage important software assets, along with enforceable and repeatable processes for developing and deploying software releases, was needed.

After reviewing several change management products, Dollar General said it chose Serena ChangeMan DS because of the solution's flexibility and ease-of-use. The solution also provided support for every platform within Dollar General's development environment.

"We've achieved and maintained solid, steady growth on the distributed side of our business, even amidst a difficult economic climate," said Mark Woodward, president and CEO, SERENA Software Inc. "We're pleased that Dollar General has chosen Serena for change management and look forward to helping them achieve their business goals."