CRM Helps Mutual Fund Company Build Loyalty

AGF of Canada deploys customer relationship management software to strengthen ties with intermediary community

AGF of Canada deploys customer relationship management software to strengthen ties with intermediary community

Pleasanton, CA — — January 22, 2004 — AGF, one of Canada's premier investment management companies, said it has deployed PeopleSoft Enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) to strengthen relationships with its intermediaries — the advisors and brokers who influence investor decisions, sell AGF's products and provide customer service to individual investors.

AGF has C$28 billion in total assets under management, serving more than one million investors with offerings across the wealth continuum. The company said it is creating long-term market differentiation by increasing service and support levels to its intermediaries. To help achieve this differentiation, AGF developed a comprehensive customer strategy that included selecting PeopleSoft as its CRM technology partner.

"AGF's goal is to be an integral partner to the advisor and dealer community," said Stephen Elioff, vice president of CRM at AGF. "In addition, we want investors to recognize our company for providing leading-edge financial solutions. PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM enables us to gain a better understanding of the relationship between the intermediary and our end customer, helping us increase margins by delivering the right product, service and information to the right broker at the right time."

Last month, AGF deployed PeopleSoft Support to its customer service team, which manages incoming inquiries from its brokers and advisors. The company said its customer service agents are now able to collect advisor and broker data in real time, allowing the company to match service levels to current and future value rather than historical performance.

In addition, AGF is now linking its marketing efforts to the recommendation trends from its broker community, maximizing responsiveness to the needs of the end customer.

"PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM enables AGF to bridge the gap between its intermediaries and its investors," said Joe Davis, vice president and general manager, PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM. "By gaining visibility into market trends, financial products and the needs of its intermediaries, AGF is making smarter business decisions that ultimately impact the company's brand and market position."

AGF's products and services include a diversified family of mutual funds, wrap accounts, a tailored investment program, discretionary money management and a range of trust services, including Guaranteed Investment Certificates, investment loans and mortgages.