Loftware Extends Label Printing for Oracle WMS

Provider rolls out new version of Connector tools tying enterprise systems to print server

Provider rolls out new version of Connector tools tying enterprise systems to print server

York, ME — January 26, 2004 — Software company Loftware has rolled out a new version of its Java-based Connector tool that provides direct connectivity between enterprise systems and the Loftware Print Server.

With the new Connector v2.0, which leverages Oracle's warehouse management system (WMS) and Oracle's Mobile Supply Chain Applications (MSCA), customers can add new data elements to their labels and connect to the Loftware Print Server. The improved connectivity centralizes label printing operations across the enterprise, regardless of the number or type of printers being used, or their geographical location around the world, according to the solution provider.

Loftware said that, much like version 1.0, Connector version 2.0 is a high-capacity program that offers speed and reliability. The Connector is a connectivity module that bridges Loftware's Enterprise barcode printing technology and the Loftware Print Server (LPS) to Oracle applications.

The Connector v2.0 also features a new smart filtering capability, eliminating the need for the complicated and costly programming tasks that are sometimes required to meet specialized label printing needs, allowing Oracle application developers and integrators to connect Oracle applications and systems to corporate back-end barcode label printing systems, Loftware said.

"Users administrating Oracle applications will find that The Connector has a familiar interface, is easy to use and eliminates the need for unreliable data transfer and connection methods," the provider said in a statement.

The Loftware Connector was developed and tested for small and large-scale enterprise label printing operations. Scalability testing included over 60 users printing to more than 600 different printers. After exhaustive testing, The Connector showed no degradation in terms of overall performance and speed when used in large scale printing environments, Loftware said.

John Leary, manager of systems at Loftware customer Spartech Corporation, a producer of engineered thermoplastic materials, polymeric compounds and molded and profile products, said, "Loftware's Connector is a solid solution, that's easy to implement. We installed the product, and a day later we were printing labels".

The Loftware Connector provides a direct link between the Oracle WMS and the Loftware Enterprise Print Server using synchronous communication, allowing for interactive print job confirmation to be reported back to Oracle WMS. The features in The Connector also extend compliance labeling capabilities to other Oracle applications beyond Oracle WMS and Oracle MSCA, according to Loftware.

"Oracle is especially pleased with the Loftware Connector's filter capabilities," said David Wertheimer, product manager for Oracle WMS. "This important feature greatly extends the flexibility of Oracle's label printing solution, allowing our customers to more easily meet complex labeling requirements. The new version also streamlines the entire configuration process so that the Loftware Connector setup can be completed in a matter of minutes."

The first public appearance and demonstration of the new Connector was slated for Oracle Apps World 2004 in San Diego this week.