New Solution for Physical Supply Chain Security

ShipLogix offers ability to monitor, record shipments and vehicles at pickup, deliver locations

ShipLogix offers ability to monitor, record shipments and vehicles at pickup, deliver locations

Seattle — January 27, 2004 — ShipLogix, a provider of Web-hosted transportation management solutions, is offering companies in such security-sensitive environments as the specialty chemicals industry a new feature in the provider's Transportation Execution Platform (STEP) to give shippers and consignees the ability to monitor, control and record the arrival, load/unload and departure of shipments, vehicles and drivers.

The new Guardshack Interface enables security personnel to track equipment and personnel as they enter and exit pickup and delivery locations throughout the lifecycle of a shipment. It is engineered to deliver essential shipment information for quick and easy status checking and updating while providing the ability to drill down into detailed information as needed, ShipLogix said.

For example, driver and vehicle qualifications and identification can be checked, confirmed and logged along with arrival and departure times and conditions to create an auditable shipment history. The data collected from this activity can be used for plant and asset security; product quantity validation; demurrage dispute resolution on freight invoices; equipment location; and load status tracking and shipment control by the shipper or consignee.

"Logistics in this security-conscious age requires a higher level of vigilance and visibility by the corporate shipper," explained Chris Larkin, chief technology officer for ShipLogix. "We responded to this need by creating a product that directly supports increased security at the plant gate. Guardshack was designed specifically by and for our customers and is tailored to companies that transport highly sensitive and potentially hazardous materials."

Technology applications such as ShipLogix's Guardshack are designed to help answer the challenge raised by Admiral James Loy, administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, in a recent speech to the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. "We know that we cannot solve all security concerns solely with the power of a strong security workforce," Loy told the committee. "We must be able to develop and deploy new technology to make our screening operations more efficient, less time consuming and costly, and be able to look beyond the horizon to adapt to new emerging threats."

ShipLogix said that the Guardshack Interface supports the core STEP offering of execution, optimization and tender, track and trace technology, allowing shippers, carriers and their business partners to collaborate in real time and drive out waste from the supply chain.

For more information on solutions for supply chain security, see "Building the Secure Supply Chain," the Net Best Thing article in the June/July 2003 issue of iSource Business.