Global Electronics Giant Elcoteq Targets Integration to Automate Supply Chain

Electronics manufacturer taps TIBCO for enterprise platform to link disparate systems

Electronics manufacturer taps TIBCO for enterprise platform to link disparate systems

Palo Alto, CA — February 3, 2004 — Electronics manufacturing services companies Elcoteq has tapped integration specialist TIBCO Software to provide an end-to-end integration framework as part of an effort to increase the efficiency of its entire supply chain.

Elcoteq provides manufacturing services in the area of communications technology. The company operates in 12 countries and has about 12,000 employees.

Due to an increasing demand for efficient business processes, Elcoteq is currently in the process of executing a number of major integration initiatives, for example in the area of advanced planning system (APS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems.

TIBCO said its solution will enable integration between these existing internal disparate business systems, and will also be used for RosettaNet's open e-business process standards.

The provider also said its technology would allow Elcoteq to automate its supply chain processes by creating an integrated network to include design, production and delivery of communications technology products.

The expected business benefits will consist of streamlined transactions with partners and customers, increased collaboration processes and enhanced report management, according to the solution provider. TIBCO added that its enterprise integration solution should help Elcoteq improve monitoring capabilities, decrease error handling and increase control of the migration from development to test and production.

"We undertook a thorough market evaluation when deciding which integration vendor we should select for this project, including reviews of company financials and interviews with the key industry analysts," said Panu Kaila, a senior vice president at Elcoteq. "Following our due diligence process, we concluded that TIBCO's integration framework would be the best solution to increase efficiency across our entire supply chain."

"Elcoteq understands the importance of conducting business in real-time," said Chris Larsen, executive vice president for global sales at TIBCO. "TIBCO is helping Elcoteq create a fully integrated, end-to-end architecture, making all mission-critical data easily available for customers, partners and suppliers."