J. F. Shea to Help Business Agility, Minimize Risk Exposure

Construction company to use business intelligence platform for real-time visibility

Construction company to use business intelligence platform for real-time visibility

Redwood City, CA — February 3, 2004 — J. F. Shea Co. Inc., one of the oldest and largest privately held construction companies in the United States, has selected the data integration and business intelligence software provider Informatica's PowerAnalyzer for real-time visibility into sales and construction activity.

Informatica said that by enabling senior J. F. Shea management to react more quickly to changing operational indicators, PowerAnalyzer would help the highly diversified company reduce its exposure to risk in the face of changing market conditions.

Mike Little, senior technical manager at J. F. Shea, added that the business intelligence software would let his company view sales and other key activities at a glance as they happen around the country, so management could be more agile in adjusting pricing and managing inventory within construction projects.

"From the CEO down, our executives are excited about implementing this technology to improve our competitiveness by closely tracking our profit drivers. We selected Informatica over other software for this critical project because PowerAnalyzer has the best real-time dashboard and alerting functionality, and is easy to deploy, learn and use."

J. F. Shea is currently using the Informatica PowerCenter data integration platform to capture transactional and historical data from its enterprise resource planning (ERP), sales and construction scheduling software, as well as its escrow, mortgage and warranty tracking systems.

Beginning with its core homes division, J. F. Shea will use the data integration platform by deploying PowerAnalyzer dashboards to more than 60 of its top executives and senior managers across the country in March 2004. J. F. Shea plans to use PowerAnalyzer's real-time alerts to flag exception conditions and thresholds as they occur and notify appropriate personnel for immediate action.

"Companies in highly competitive industries can no longer just track business events after they happen; they need to make decisions and move on events as soon as they occur," said Girish Pancha, executive vice president of products at Informatica. "We're pleased to help put real-time information into the hands of decision makers across J. F. Shea so they can better manage risk exposure, sales and construction activity, variations in demand, and other market complexities endemic to the construction industry."