Carlsberg Breweries to Use Columbitech's Wireless Suite

Solution to enable multinational truck fleet to securely access delivery information

Solution to enable multinational truck fleet to securely access delivery information

Stockholm — February 3, 2004 — Carlsberg Breweries, one of the world's largest brewery groups, announced that they are deploying Columbitech Wireless Suite in over 1,200 of its delivery trucks.

While making deliveries, the truck drivers will connect to Carlsberg's SAP system with a handheld device and access all delivery information online via a wireless terminal connected to a cellular GPRS network. Columbitech's solution will provide the security and optimized wireless data access to the logistical information in Carlsberg's SAP Enterprise Resource Planning system.

"Columbitech Wireless Suite was the solution most suited for our truck fleet, since Columbitech could deliver security, application persistence and also enhance the performance of the GPRS connection, eliminating a lot of user frustration for our drivers and making the total solution more efficient for us," said Mary Irwin, project manager at Carlsberg.

Columbitech said its solution offers Carlsberg security, end-user convenience, and data compression and reduction, which is necessary to be able to work with an application like SAP over a GPRS network. Furthermore, when the device returns to GPRS coverage after a period of poor coverage, the user will not have to re-login nor re-start download.

The retail industry was one of the first to embrace Wireless LAN and cellular data technologies, such as GPRS, to increase productivity throughout the delivery chain. Columbitech said its solution helps retailers protect both their wireless infrastructure and their capital investment in wireless devices.

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