Auto Remarketer Automates Processes with SAP

Works with IDS Scheer on financials implementation to conduct real-time transactions with customers

Works with IDS Scheer on financials implementation to conduct real-time transactions with customers

Berwyn, PA — February 5, 2004 — Canadian automotive remarketer Onlane has implemented the mySAP Business Suite and has been working with business process specialist IDS Scheer North America to optimize and improve the scalability, speed and performance of its automotive remarketing programs.

IDS Scheer says it helped Onlane leverage the capabilities of mySAP Financials that will provide the foundation for future expansion and growth. The three-month project, which went live January 2, integrates Onlane's proprietary Web-based remarketing platform with mySAP Financials to further automate the remarketing process and enable the company to conduct real-time transactions with its customers while eliminating the need for manual data entry.

According to Jonathan Varkul, director of operations for Onlane, the company evaluated several mid-market solutions. Varkul also reviewed his current package in terms of upgrade options and concluded that the product was not scalable enough to support the company's growth.

"We required a solution that would easily scale and integrate with our highly scaleable Web-based remarketing platform," said Varkul. "We supplied each vendor with a script that detailed our business requirements and found that IDS Scheer's presentation using mySAP Financials provided the best blueprint for our needs. The technology depth and breadth of this SAP financial solution was important to us as well."

"We were impressed with how quickly the mySAP Financials solution has been implemented and integrated within our technology infrastructure — due in large part to IDS Scheer's solution blueprinting efforts that were done in advance with the Onlane team," said Clive Kinross, senior vice president at Onlane. "The SAP implementation was concluded in a compacted timeframe with minimum disruption to our business, and with no surprises."

According to Kinross, the enhanced automation gained through the implementation has already provided Onlane with significant additional capacity in its current operations and accounting infrastructure. In addition, mySAP Financial provides easier access to the financial performance metrics central to Onlane's business operations at much greater transaction volumes, he said.

Mathias Kirchmer, CEO of IDS Scheer North America, said that the Onlane case demonstrated that SAP solutions can work for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) as well as large companies. "SMEs may not have the budgets of the Global 500 yet still have similar business needs and complexities of larger companies," Kirchmer said.
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