Recruitsoft Aims to Ease Hiring Process

Staffing management specialist debuts platform to help in assessment of candidates for hourly positions

Staffing management specialist debuts platform to help in assessment of candidates for hourly positions

San Francisco  February 19, 2004  Solution and services provider Recruitsoft this week unveiled what it is calling a new paradigm in staffing management with the debut of its platform for facilitating the hiring process.

Recruitsoft says its ACE Assessment WebTop provides a platform that allows certified users to configure and deploy assessments with content that is validated, allowing organizations to identify appropriate candidates more quickly.

Through the provider's Partner Certification Program for the ACE Assessment WebTop, certified Recruitsoft partners are being supplied with the tools necessary to define and manage assessment content, scoring algorithms and hiring bands.

As a result, Recruitsoft customers hiring hourly workers can access assessment partner content through the assessment platform, giving them a broader range of assessments across various vertical industries. Additionally, Recruitsoft customers that have direct ownership of company proprietary assessment content can also become certified users of the ACE Assessment WebTop.

Recruitsoft's Enterprise Staffing Management Suite comprises various applications that can be used collectively or individually, including Recruitsoft Professional, Workforce OnDemand, Hourly, Agency, Mobility and Regulatory & Diversity.

The provider said it also has designed and validated its own proprietary ACE Retail Assessments intended to improve staffing effectiveness specifically in retail organizations. Candidates that are assessed and hired through these retail assessment solutions are qualified for requisite knowledge, skills, background and abilities to perform the job. Similar to the third-party and customer proprietary assessments, Recruitsoft Retail Assessments are accessible through the Recruitsoft-designed ACE Assessment WebTop.

"With 80 percent of our workforce comprised of hourly workers, many of them part-time and seasonal, it is important that we have the means of attracting, hiring and retaining qualified candidates quickly," said Susan Steffy, director of staffing at Recruitsoft customer Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. "The processes available to us with Recruitsoft Hourly ensure that the proper steps are taken systematically to bring the right candidate on board for our managers quickly, the first time. Recruitsoft also understands the importance of strategic tax credit screening, as well as background checking and compliance, and has integrated all of it into its staffing supply chain."

"Assessment tools help select the right talent for each job by measuring the skills, styles, interests and values of new and existing employees, which helps to improve retention, reduce shrinkage and increase organizational productivity," said Louis Tetu, Recruitsoft's chairman and CEO. "The introduction of our ACE Assessment WebTop, designed to meet the unique needs and intricacies of our hourly customers, builds on past achievements and expands our industry footprint within the hourly staffing marketplace."

Recruitsoft said its staffing management solutions are at work for about 400,000 users in 80-plus countries.