Tapwave Outsources Online Store Operations

Consumer electronics startup taps ChannelWave, Ingram Micro Logistics to provide Web ordering for new product

Consumer electronics startup taps ChannelWave, Ingram Micro Logistics to provide Web ordering for new product

Aliso Viejo, CA  February 18, 2004  Mobile entertainment gear company Tapwave has opted to outsource its online store operations to channel management specialist ChannelWave and logistics company Ingram Micro Logistics as part of an initiative to lower costs and improve supply chain efficiencies.

Founded in May 2001, Tapwave is a privately funded startup company based in Mountain View, Calif. The company is offering a PDA-like console, called Zodiac, that allows users to play games, watch videos, listen to music and access contact data.

In outsourcing its online store operations, Tapwave turned to ChannelWave, which offers channel management and commerce solutions, and Ingram Micro, which provides order fulfillment, logistics and supply chain solutions to manufacturers, retailers and "e-tailers" of technology and consumer electronics products.

The combined solution from ChannelWave and Ingram Micro allows the manufacturer to sell product direct to end customers online and includes a storefront, catalog, ordering capability, fulfillment and reverse logistics handled and hosted by the ChannelWave-Ingram Micro Logistics pairing.

Tapwave will be counting on the arrangement to lower its costs and simplify its order management process while increasing its supply chain efficiencies.

"The ChannelWave-Ingram Micro Logistics combination gave Tapwave the one-stop-shop option we desired when we decided to outsource our e-store and product delivery," said Peng Lim, co-founder and CEO of Tapwave. "We have no warehouse and logistics to worry about."

"The Zodiac launch epitomizes how manufacturers can benefit from the streamlined supply and demand chain created by the efforts of ChannelWave and Ingram Micro Logistics," said Rob Hagen, CEO of ChannelWave.

"For consumer electronics companies launching product in the highly competitive online environment, having the right support is critical," said Bryan Moynahan, vice president and general manager at Ingram Micro Logistics. "By combining Ingram Micro Logistics' expertise in inventory, shipping and delivery management with ChannelWave's online store and ordering solution, Tapwave has secured an end-to-end demand generation and fulfillment system that allows the company to concentrate on its core strengths."

Tapwave Zodiac consoles began shipping on October 31, 2003.