FAA Deploying WMS at OK Logistics Center

Aviation administration implementing Robocom warehouse management system following pilot

Aviation administration implementing Robocom warehouse management system following pilot

Massapequa, NY — February 20, 2004 — The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has opted for a full deployment of an inventory management system from Robocom Systems to meet its current and future distribution requirements at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center Oklahoma City facility.

The FAA decision to go ahead with the deployment at its Logistics Center at the facility follows the successful completion of a "Phase I Conference Room Pilot" implementation of RIMS, Robocom's inventory management system. Robocom initially announced the deal with the FAA in November.

The Logistics Center operates the facilities that repair, fabricate and stock critical parts to ensure the safety of the flying public. The FAA tracks over 40,000 national stock numbers (NSN) or stock keeping units in a primary and a secondary storage facility. The primary warehouse includes separate outside cable and steel yards, a temperature controlled storage room and a hazardous material storage area. Material is also tracked at over 30 separate contractor repair centers.

When the deal was initially announced last year, Robocom said that, in addition to standard picking, putaway and inventory tracking functionality, some of the advanced RIMS features considered for use by the FAA included wireless radio-frequency control, kitting, third-party billing, serial tracking, quality assurance, date tracking, labeling, advance ship notices (ASN) and labor management.

"We believe that the implementation of RIMS at the FAA's Logistics Center will result in increased operational efficiencies in our distribution and fulfillment processes and better management of the assets under our control," said Stan Sieg, chief financial officer of the FAA Logistics Center. "These two benefits will translate to superior customer service at a reasonable cost as we seek to continually build on our success as the core logistics supply chain to America's national airspace system."

The Federal Aviation Administration has released funding for Phase II of its contract with DUCOM of Silver Spring, Md., a prime contractor to the Federal Aviation Administration, to install the RIMS warehouse management system in all the FAA distribution centers at the Oklahoma City facility.

Robocom's customer base includes a variety of companies in sectors such as food and beverage, medical and pharmaceutical, government, aerospace and automotive, and consumer goods.