Aerofil Technology Inc. Selects Software to Manage Shop Floor Jobs

Expects to improve raw materials availability, accommodate changing job priorities

Expects to improve raw materials availability, accommodate changing job priorities

Waterloo, ONTARIO — March 18, 2004 — Aerofil Technology Inc. (ATI) of Sullivan, Mo., has selected the RSS Advanced Planning and Scheduling software to schedule and manage the jobs on its shop floor, and to improve raw materials availability for the production process.

ATI said the RSS solution will be used to schedule production and inventory availability of three distinctly separate departments — providing aerosol, liquid and dry material filling services — each with its own equipment, routings and multiple product lines.

According to David Peek, Materials Planning manager at ATI, "The RSS solution is just what we need to handle our growing scheduling needs and give us more time for planning and management. With the RSS system, we can do away with our current manual data input and manual job sequencing. We'll also have the ability to verify component availability to meet our current production plan, and run multiple 'what if' scenarios if we need to modify the plan."

ATI said it would use the RSS Solution to schedule its production lines on a job-by-job basis, while also improving management of production components to reduce raw materials inventory. In addition, the RSS system will also be used to help ATI understand the ramifications of shifting job priorities, and accommodate these changes in their schedule in real time.

The RSS solution will interface into ATI's enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, automatically extracting job information to be used in sequencing jobs to meet the company's delivery needs.

"One of the key features of the RSS solution is its ability to interface with virtually any ERP system. The fact that we have integrated with a wide variety of ERP systems gave ATI confidence in our company and solution, as did their visits with RSS customers who were able to demonstrate the results that they achieved with their RSS system," said Michael Cox, president of RSS Solutions Inc.