Arzoon Upgrades Event Management Solution

Version 4.0 of Vigilance Event Management adds new Web services, extensions to integration layer

Version 4.0 of Vigilance Event Management adds new Web services, extensions to integration layer

San Mateo, CA — March 25, 2004 — Arzoon, a provider of supply chain process management (SCPM) technology, has rolled out the latest version of its Vigilance Event Management (VEM) software, adding enhancements to the stand-alone software application, improvements to Web services and extensions to the solution's integration layer.

Arzoon says that its VEM platform continuously monitors critical business activities for process violations that would prevent meeting key performance objectives, contract service levels or regulatory/compliance requirements. It then notifies stakeholders in real-time, allowing faster resolution of the issue.

New features added to version 4.0 of VEM were designed to improve collaboration, integration to third party systems, productivity and proactive management while reducing costs associated with managing business processes.

The new Real Time Decision Support on Workflow Forms allows the customer to integrate other systems or Web pages directly from workflow forms. This allows users to get real-time, specific information from anywhere so they can make better decisions during an exception resolution process, the provider says. Examples include checking current inventory in other distribution centers (DCs), checking commodity market prices or requesting an alternative supplier's capacity.

A Simplified Workflow Participation features allows specific users to "single-click" to required collaborative inputs, a capability designed to improve participation for "non-technical" users by exposing them to the workflow options that are required.

Support for New Notification Mode allows for notification to other systems and devices via an application call through COM+. This new mode allows customers to reach anyone or any system that manages their messaging, according to Arzoon, a feature that could be especially important for in-plant notification where normal messaging services can be disrupted.

Automated Exception Resolution Information Gathering is designed to let users define steps for information gathering from other systems once a violation has occurred. This eliminates manual steps that might otherwise be required, Arzoon says. Searching for symptoms or alternatives is the first step to determining an action plan and resolving the exception, and a feature called "Auto-Execution Server" can perform those tasks, enabling the decision-maker to move forward, the provider says.

Arzoon's VEM v4.0 software is available now.