Pharmavite Tackles Trade Promotion, Demand Management

Vitamin manufacturer selects enterprise planning solution to increase responsiveness to market changes

Vitamin manufacturer selects enterprise planning solution to increase responsiveness to market changes

Waltham, MA — March 30, 2004 — Pharmavite LLC, the manufacturer of Nature Made vitamins and minerals and other supplements, said it has selected Demantra Spectrum to streamline operations and increase responsiveness to changes in market dynamics by synchronizing enterprise planning across sales, trade marketing, supply chain, finance and customer service.

Pharmavite has licensed and will implement Demantra's Web-based Trade Promotion Management (TPM), Demand Management and Inventory Optimization solutions for its customer-facing business processes, as well as an internal sales and operations planning (S&OP) process.

Pharmavite said it evaluated many solutions as part of its strategy to implement a comprehensive S&OP process with customer-facing event and trade funds planning and analysis; collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR); and vendor managed inventory (VMI) initiatives.

The manufacturer chose Demantra Spectrum to provide a single system that enables consistent planning across the organization. Pharmavite also evaluated TPM solutions and selected Demantra's solution because of its collaboration, business process support and flexible integration capabilities.

Mike Miller, vice president of information resources at Pharmavite, who leads demand management, category management and heads these initiatives for the company, said, "Having a single solution to address key supply chain processes tightly integrated with trade promotion and deductions management operations gives us a powerful environment to develop more accurate plans, deliver superior service and generate greater operational efficiencies."

Using Demantra Spectrum to analyze information from multiple data streams, including point-of-sale, promotion and syndicated data, Miller said Pharmavite expects to improve information visibility and consistency within the organization, increase stock-keeping unit (SKU)-level forecast accuracy, reduce inventory stock-outs and decrease planning cycle times.

In addition, Demantra said its TPM solution would enable Pharmavite to improve the return on its trade marketing spend by synchronizing promotions with demand requirements and supply chain operations, as well as reducing unresolved deductions.