Skyway Offers Free Download of Integrated Service Environment

Solution lets users build new services and composite, service-based applications

Solution lets users build new services and composite, service-based applications

Tampa, FL — April 1, 2004 — Skyway Software, a provider of business software, says it will offer a free, fully functional personal edition of the company's integrated service environment, Skyway Builder, which allows users to build new services and composite, service-based applications.

The download will be available near the end of April from, according to the company.

Skyway said that Builder enables the rapid integration of existing software, helping companies to leverage under-utilized digital assets they have already purchased. Combined with its ability to create new services and composite, service-based applications, Builder also provides the ability to create service oriented business applications, according to Skyway.

Jared Rodriguez, Skyway founder, CEO and chief technology officer, noted that companies have spent the last 20 years building complex technology environments. "Through acquisitions, localized solution purchases and cost-minded technology choices, companies have acquired numerous unconnected enterprise applications," Rodriguez said. "Most of these systems are monolithic, inflexible and poorly suited for rapid adaptation. Skyway's technology helps companies effectively connect and utilize these currently disparate solutions."

According to Skyway, Builder can help companies simplify business activity into discrete, reusable business services; orchestrate internal and external services into practical applications; and adapt to changing business needs by eliminating lengthy phases of solution creation.