Matrics Unveils RFID Reader

True, multi-protocol AR 400 enables network integration, real-time reading and writing for all EPC-compliant tags

True, multi-protocol AR 400 enables network integration, real-time reading and writing for all EPC-compliant tags

Columbia, MD — April 2, 2004 — Matrics Inc., a designer and manufacturer of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, announced the introduction of a device that incorporates RFID multi-protocol reader technology with enhanced network features. The AR 400 RFID Reader has started shipping in limited quantities, and the company is ramping up production based on customer demand.

The AR platform is the second generation of Matrics' RFID readers, which changes the nature of the RFID reader from a static device into a network element that collects, writes, processes and communicates information from all electronic product code (EPC) classes of RFID tags.

Matrics said the AR 400 RFID Reader could be integrated into a customer's existing network infrastructure, while the AR platform is designed to upgrade as new standards evolve in the marketplace. Customers will be able to manage and service their RFID readers through their internal network or remotely, including via the Web.

Piyush Sodha, chairman and CEO of Matrics, said, "Our customers are telling us that it is critical that RFID readers integrate into existing network infrastructure and not be managed as a separate technology tool."

Matrics said the Reader provides timely and pertinent information to customers' Network Management platform by real-time reporting of events and status using SNMP. To address security concerns, it provides security and privilege controls and full traceability of operator actions

A multi-protocol reader, the AR 400 RFID Reader provides real-time tag reading and writing capability for all EPC-compliant tags: Class 0 (read only, and read/write) and Class 1. This flexibility is critical to protect customers' RFID investment, Matrics said.

"We are working actively with RFID middleware and systems integration providers," said Bob McFarland, senior vice president of supply chain sales at Matrics. "Matrics is offering APIs to our partners for development of value-added applications and features that will further enhance the integration of the AR 400 RFID Reader into a customer's enterprise backbone."