University of Pisa Leans on Software for Engineering Programs

Collaborative CAD software to give students edge in job marketplace, classroom

Collaborative CAD software to give students edge in job marketplace, classroom

Fort Collins, CO, and Sindelfingen, Germany — April 8, 2004 — The University of Pisa announced today that it will deploy more than 2.5MEUR worth of collaborative product development software provider CoCreate's design, data management and collaboration software.

Pisa is one of Italy's oldest and most prestigious universities, with scientific giants such as Galileo Galilei and Enrico Fermi among its alumni. The university said it will use CoCreate's software to help educate engineering students in design and project management.

"We tested various 3D products," said Professor Piccinini, University of Pisa. "But CoCreate's dynamic modeling technology will help our students work productively in days; other computer-aided design (CAD) systems took weeks to learn."

Dynamic modeling is a technology that allows users to work with a design and make changes easily, even the user has no knowledge of how the model was originally created.

"Dynamic modeling allows students to concentrate on engineering, rather than dealing with software-specific elements such as history trees or geometry constraints," said Piccinini.

Students at University of Pisa will use CoCreate's 2D and 3D CAD solutions, as well as Model Manager, a data management software that helps manage design data. "It's very important for students to understand the entire solution," said Professor Culla, University of Pisa. "The product data management software will help as students learn not just to create designs but also to manage projects."

The university will also use, CoCreate's project team collaboration software. "Being able to work on a distributed project team is a requisite for engineers entering the workforce today," stated Professor Barone. "Our graduates will have a tremendous advantage by knowing how to use collaboration software to overcome obstacles teams face when working across locations and time zones."

The university maintains a long-standing relationship with CoCreate partner BT Informatica. The Lucca-based company will install the software and provide training to the university.