Viewlocity Joins IBM's ISV Advantage Initiative

Set to deliver inter-enterprise supply chain coordination to small, medium businesses

Set to deliver inter-enterprise supply chain coordination to small, medium businesses

Atlanta — April 14, 2004 — Viewlocity Inc., a provider of supply chain management software, today announced that it has joined IBM's ISV Advantage Initiative.

The program is designed to provide independent software vendors (ISVs) with technical and marketing support to help meet the specific information technology needs of small and medium business (SMB) companies. Customers are seeking solutions that help them better integrate processes and applications internally and externally and allow them to quickly respond to changing market opportunities on demand.

In a recent Alert ("Performance Leaders Exploit ISCC Advantage, November 2003"), AMR Research reported that the adoption of inter-enterprise supply chain coordination had become a key factor in separating companies with best-in-class performance. Viewlocity said it is working with IBM to offer e-business on demand solutions that will enable SMBs to better coordinate inter-enterprise supply chain operations. With such coordination comes the ability to operate with smaller reserves of inventory, capacity and people, while improving service levels.

"Joining IBM's ISV Advantage program will make it easier for our customers to deploy our supply chain applications in an e-business on demand environment," said Peter Janico, executive vice president of global operations at Viewlocity. "This is part of an ongoing effort at Viewlocity to improve deployment times and return on investment for our clients."

"We are pleased that Viewlocity has joined ISV Advantage and is dedicated to IBM as a partner of choice," said Buell Duncan, general manager, ISV & Developer Relations, IBM. "Medium sized business customers are seeking open supply chain management solutions tailored to meet their specific needs, and IBM is committed to working with Viewlocity to deliver this."

Viewlocity said it would also work closely with IBM to expand its visibility in target vertical industries through various co-marketing and sales activities.