Telecoms Go For Business Integration

Seek competitive differentiation in saturated market

Seek competitive differentiation in saturated market

Irvine, CA — April 19, 2004 — Magic Software Enterprises, a provider of business integration and development technology, announced today that two of the world's leading telecom companies have selected the iBOLT Integration Suite, which the provider said is a platform for integrating front- and back-office applications, billing and inventory systems, customer service solutions, and ordering systems.

Magic Software also said the revenue expected from the new contracts is estimated at $1.5 million over two years.

After many years of high growth, Magic Software said the mobile market is slowing despite the increased level of competition and rapidly falling prices. Many markets have now reached saturation point. Wireless communication companies are faced with growing competition where the major differentiators and competitive advantage points are customer service and product offerings to attract and retain customers.

"Since its inception in 2003, iBOLT has been targeted at the telecom industry as one of its primary verticals," said Menachem Hasfari, CEO of Magic Software. "iBOLT provides a business integration platform for telecom companies that enables increased competitive advantage and more efficient customer service."