BEA Taps Open Harbor for Restricted Party Screening

Software company using service to automate real-time reviews of buyers seeking to download software

Software company using service to automate real-time reviews of buyers seeking to download software

San Carlos, CA — April — — Software company BEA Systems has signed up to use a solution from global trade systems Open Harbor to automate real-time restricted-party screen for the downloading of software and documentation over the Internet.

BEA Systems has chosen Open Harbor's Restricted Party Screening service for its e-commerce sites. By integrating the service with its e-commerce sites, BEA can automatically screen buyers against restricted party, embargo and sanction lists with the goal of reducing the risks and fines typically associated with cross-border shipments and e-commerce sales.

"Companies are beginning to recognize the importance of having a sound compliance process in place for global shipments, but many do not realize that the same rules apply to e-commerce transactions," said Carey Garibay, senior director of sales operations for BEA Systems.

Garibay said that BEA averages 5,000 software downloads a day on its e-commerce site. The company is counting on Open Harbor's service to automatically check prospective customers in real-time against restricted party, embargo and sanction lists.

The service, which is built on BEA technology and uses a hosted model, also can provide e-mail address and IP screening functionality to help ensure the highest level of security for our e-commerce sales."

Open Harbor gathers information for its service using a team of in-house experts that collect and update the ever-changing content, which now exceeds more than 8,000,000 trade rules, according to the solution provider.

"With the industry's increased security concerns, today's manual process of screening makes it impossible for companies to keep up with restricted party and embargo lists," noted Beth Peterson, vice president of product solutions at Open Harbor. "With the use of our restricted party screening service, companies can replace old manual processes with a simple automated screening procedure that is designed to safeguard its business operations."

Other companies using Open Harbor's restricted party screening service for its global security and compliance initiatives include Allegheny Ludlum Corp., AMAC Corp. and Yusen Air & Sea Service (USA) Inc.