Iasta Updates e-Sourcing Solution

SmartSource 6.0 adds supplier portal, administrative dashboard

SmartSource 6.0 adds supplier portal, administrative dashboard

Indianapolis, IN — May 3, 2004 — e-Sourcing solutions provider Iasta rolled out the latest version of its flagship SmartSource application, adding a supplier portal and an administrative dashboard, among other new features.

Version 6.0 of SmartSource, nearly a year in development and testing, includes new tools to streamline the sourcing process, Iasta said. The provider said that it particularly focused on training and ease of use for both the solution's administrator within a company and the company's suppliers.

In addition to a supplier portal and administrator dashboard, the latest version adds improved support for the most complicated bidding event structures, additional spectator functionality and upgraded minimum bid decrements, according to Iasta.

Christopher Sansone, chief technology officer at Iasta, said that the provider has received positive feedback from its client beta team working with the new solution over the past few months. "It is very clear that 6.0 is a major leap forward for Iasta," Sansone said.

The solution provider said that its offerings have helped its customers source goods and services with an average cost reduction of 17 percent, in addition to reductions in sourcing cycle times.

Iasta has maintained a relatively low profile in its industry segment, but the provider has amassed a client list of more than 40 companies, most of which are within the Global 1000.