Answerthink Acquires EzCommerce Global Solutions

Acquisition expands dual-shore implementation strategy for SAP, Oracle

Acquisition expands dual-shore implementation strategy for SAP, Oracle

Miami, FL — May 12, 2004 — Answerthink Inc. this week announced that it has closed the acquisition of EzCommerce Global Solutions Inc, an implementation and development partner of SAP and EzCommerce (India) Limited (EzCommerce).

The business and technology consulting firm said the acquisition would enable it to move to a dual-shore implementation strategy for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) business software, utilizing ERP implementation professionals that are part of EzCommerce's existing operation in San Jose, Calif., and Hyderabad, India.

The acquisition of EzCommerce currently has over 100 professionals in the United States and India. Answerthink said the acquisition would enable ERP implementation, maintenance, and support capabilities; specialized skills in SAP NetWeaver, business warehousing, enterprise portals, customer relationship management (CRM), and supplier relationship management (SRM); EzPharma, a solution targeting the small to midsize businesses (SMB) in the Life Sciences market, which Answerthink said it intends to bring to market; PharmaConnect, which is a composite application catering to the Pharmaceutical industry; and EzCommerce Suite for business partner interaction.

Answerthink said it would train EzCommerce staff in the use of its Best Practices Implementation (BPI) tools and approach, which integrate the business process best practices of The Hackett Group, an Answerthink company, into business transformation and enterprise software implementation services.

"For some time now, we've been discussing the best way to expand our dual-shore implementation capabilities. With EzCommerce, we believe we've found the right combination of leadership, skills and scale that we've been searching for," said Answerthink Chairman and CEO Ted Fernandez. "EzCommerce has an excellent track record in SAP and Oracle, two of our largest ERP practices, and talented staff both in the United States and India."

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