Taking it Online

Leverage eSourcing launches online delivery of its platform, tools and services

Leverage eSourcing launches online delivery of its platform, tools and services

Philadelphia, PA  May 14, 2004  Leverage eSourcing Inc. has said it will expand its operations to include delivery of its e-sourcing platform, tools and services on-line in order to make its products and services available to customers in as easy, accessible and customized a format as possible.

"It's all about giving the customer only what they want or need, and delivering it to them faster. We want to remove any barriers that may exist between us and our customers saving time and money," explained Joe Buchanan, Leverage's president and CEO.

Leverage eSourcing is a San Francisco-based technology company, and it said it is one of the first e-sourcing companies to offer an application service provider (ASP) version of its software by credit card.

Leverage said it offers weekly online training seminars and instant messaging support, plus an intuitive platform and toolset. "Offering a self-powered solution means Leverage can get almost any company's purchasing department up and running negotiations in as little as a week," Buchanan explained.

Buchanan added that it was customer feedback that inspired Leverage to make the changes. "Customers always tell us how easy it is to use our tools. The Internet provides the optimal way for us to demonstrate that ease-of-use and deliver our product and services," he said.

Buchanan said that Leverage's cost is also a benefit for users. "We knew the Web was a cost-effective way to scale implementation and training. Plus, our customer's team gets trained at their desks. If they want to attend more than one session, or have to miss a part, it won't cost anything more to pick it up again later in the next training cycle, when it fits their schedule."

The primary tools available from Leverage today are eRFX (request for quotes, proposals and information); eAuctions (reverse and forward); and eSupplier Manager, a supplier-profiling tool.

Buchanan said Leverage will be releasing its newest product, eContract Manager, in Summer 2004. The solution will allow buyers and purchasing agents to store contracts, terms and revisions in an easy-to-use format, according to Buchanan.

Additionally, customers will be able to screen suppliers with an eRFI (request for information), launch an eRFQ (request for quote) to collect preliminary quotes, finalize leading edge pricing using the reverse eAuction tool, and store the contract terms for future use. The tools are launched from the buyer's desktop, as the system requires only the supplier's e-mail address and basic contact information.