Exostar, Hubspan Align

Integrate systems and business processes in the aerospace and defense market

Integrate systems and business processes in the aerospace and defense market

Herndon, VA and Seattle, WA — May 20, 2004 — Exostar, the global Internet exchange for the aerospace and defense industry, and Hubspan, an integration solutions provider, today announced an alliance to deliver seamless integration technology and services to aerospace and defense (A&D) buyers and suppliers. The companies said the joint solution enables an integrated connection between buyers' and suppliers' back-office systems across the Exostar platform providing any-to-any business process integration.

Exostar said growth in transaction volume among its trading partners is driving demand for more robust, flexible integration options to complement the exchange's hosted solutions. The alliance with Hubspan brings Exostar's infrastructure and suite of hosted applications together with the provider's integration services, enabling Exostar's buyers and suppliers to use existing system and infrastructure investments to interoperate with A&D and non-A&D trading partners.

"To successfully deliver supply chain integration solutions, industry consortia need to be able to exchange data and deploy applications efficiently and effectively," commented David Metcalfe, vice president-research director, Forrester Research. "The partnership between Exostar and Hubspan supports this view by combining Exostar's application platform with Hubspan's interoperative data exchange services to deliver the right combination of applications and infrastructure to the market. As a result, the alliance will lower the barriers to participate and make it more cost-effective for buyers and suppliers to get connected."

Under the alliance agreement, Hubspan services are embedded within Exostar's procurement products and services, providing a flexible integration infrastructure for secure transaction management. "Leveraging Hubspan's integration technology allows Exostar to further our commitment to our customers and their trading partners by removing barriers to supply chain integration," commented Bill Angeloni, Exostar CEO. "Their technology is an important enabler of our solutions, making it faster and easier for trading partners of all sizes and levels of technical sophistication to interact with one another."