New Voice-directed Distribution Solution from Vocollect

Provider says platform independent, Web-based app provides enterprise-level management capability

Provider says platform independent, Web-based app provides enterprise-level management capability

Pittsburg — May 21, 2004 — Vocollect, a provider of voice-directed distribution systems, released the Vocollect VoiceManager, which is the company's new enterprise-level voice system management software.

Vocollet said the Java-enabled, Web-based application is platform independent and provides command and control capabilities for Vocollect's integrated voice system.

"Every customer has unique requirements, so our system has to be adaptable to be able to integrate into each of their operations," said Jack LeVan, president and CEO of Vocollect. "Because VoiceManager is simple to install and provides secured access to information anywhere in an enterprise, it enhances the return for continuing users, as well as in new implementations."

The company said VoiceManager is an administration tool that provides warehouse supervisors and information technology (IT) professionals real-time visibility to manage their voice-enabled workforce from any Web browser.

VoiceManager also enables the automation and distribution of Vocollect's distribution dialogs, including order selection, receiving, put-away, replenishment, and other personalized configurations for each Talkman user.

Vovollect said the Web server-based technology gives remote access with user-defined security parameters, offering access to voice system information and enabling tech support and system upgrades from any location in the world.

"Our customers have requested enterprise-capable management tools for straightforward and uncomplicated voice system management," said Larry Sweeney, Vocollect's vice president of product management. In response, he explained that Voice users have access to their personal settings, such as their distribution dialog, voice templates and choice of language, and VoiceManager maintains the settings for each Talkman mobile computer, so that workers can focus on their jobs and not the technology.

VoiceManager is also scalable, allowing it to run on a centralized server location in each field location — or both in combination — to accommodate diverse IT infrastructures.