Mold-Masters Deploys Process Performance Manager

Supplier of hot runner technology realizes process efficiencies of SAP solution

Supplier of hot runner technology realizes process efficiencies of SAP solution

Berwyn, PA — May 24, 2004 — Mold-Masters, a supplier of hot runner technology and systems for use in the manufacturing of plastics, is using IDS Scheer North America's ARIS Process Performance Manager to gather performance metrics to measure processes enabled through its SAP system.

IDS Scheer said its business process consultants worked with Mold-Masters to integrate ARIS PPM into their SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning) system in five days, providing the manufacturer with a window into its business processes. ARIS PPM is a process-controlling tool that is designed to measure and boost the efficiency of their core business processes for companies in all industries.

According to Jason Mausberg, president, IDS Scheer Canada and leader of the Mold-Masters process implementation team, Mold-Masters used the plug in applications from ARIS PPM to integrate with SAP and to track its major sales cycle. "We set up ARIS PPM to track a customer throughout every phase of the sales cycle — from quotation to sales order to shipment of items to billing to cash receipt," he added.

"We were amazed at how quickly and seamlessly ARIS PPM integrated with our SAP system," continued Jonathon Fischer, founder and CEO, Mold-Masters," "In five days, we were able to obtain comprehensive management reports. We can now review the speed of each process, step by step, by customer or customer group, sales office, distribution center, manufacturing facility or by a specific sales rep."

Mold-Masters can also view processes by products or product groups. For example, Mold-Masters can review delivery performance by product and monitor the changes over time.

"We struggled for a long time to find the best tool to help extract the [return on investment] from our SAP system and achieve process improvements. ARIS PPM has provided the framework in which we can build and better analyze the SAP data," Fischer added.

IDS Scheer recently announced a new version of ARIS PPM, which includes Corporate Performance Management for long-term process optimization, as well as Business Activity Modeling for near real-time distribution of performance indicators of ongoing business processes.

The new version has a Customizing Toolkit (CTK) to accelerate the introduction of ARIS PPM by reducing the implementation workload by up to 40 percent, according to IDS Scheer. Additionally, its automated checks are designed to greatly simplify system customization.

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