Stonewall Kitchen Soon to Be Cooking with New WMS

Specialty foods firm deploying warehouse management system to improve control over product movement

Specialty foods firm deploying warehouse management system to improve control over product movement

Downers Grove, IL — May 27, 2004 — Specialty foods company Stonewall Kitchen is set to use a warehouse management system (WMS) from Integrated Warehousing Solutions to manage its distribution and logistic operations as the company looks to improve its control over product movement.

Stonewall Kitchen is a manufacturer, retailer and distributor of gourmet specialty foods and high-end home products. Privately held, Stonewall was founded in 1991 and has grown from a three-foot square card table at a local farmers market into a nationwide wholesale, catalog and retail business headquartered in York, Maine.

The company has selected the IRMS Warehouse Management System to improve and automate business processes from the receipt of raw materials through the shipping of finished goods to the end customer, including returns processing at the company's new Distribution Center in Rochester, N.H.

Integrated Warehousing Solutions said that Stonewall will benefit from improvements in operational efficiency with better control over product movement provided by the WMS and the provider's radio frequency (RF) technology. The company will additionally be looking for productivity improvements and opportunities to add such new services as gift wrapping and gift messaging through the use of the IRMS Order Management Tool.

Dean Frost, warehouse manager at Stonewall Kitchens, said that establishing better control over inventory movement is critical for Stonewall. "We are a multi-channel retailer with a passion for customer service, a commitment to growth, a strong focus on the bottom line and the need to be quick on our feet," Frost said. "IRMS will be one of our investments that support us in the pursuit of these goals."

Said Carl Brewer, president of Integrated Warehousing Solutions, "We look forward to working closely with Stonewall Kitchen to achieve all of their upcoming operational goals and objectives in 2004, in part with the use of IRMS as their warehouse and distribution foundation."